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Derech Emuna

Jewish Life Coaching, Meditation And Music


Rabbi Binyomin Goldstein

Certified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher

R' Binyomin founded Derech Emuna in 2017 in order to teach and practice Jewish Meditation within his community. As things grew, R' Binyomin saw a growing need to work with individuals, to help each person navigate his or her own unique spiritual journey.

To this end, R' Binyomin became a Certified Life Coach (CLC).  A unique blend of contemporary coaching techniques and ancient Torah wisdom, R' Binyomin's coaching sessions are an invaluable asset in each person's quest towards personal and spiritual success.

Derech Emuna currently offers on-going group meditation sessions, retreats, meditative music, speaking engagements, individual coaching sessions. and most recently, The Rachmanut Program, a ground-breaking 5-course program for helping individuals transform negative behaviors into positive habits. 

The Rachmanut Signature Program

In this transformative unique 5-part course, you will learn how to transform negative thoughts and behaviors into lasting positive habits by way of Mindfulness and Jewish Meditation, based upon the teachings of Neuroscientist Dr. Kelly Mcgonigal and the great Chassidic Masters.

For more information, please click here to contact me.

Life Coaching

Live your life to the fullest.

Are you overwhelmed with life's responsibilities? Are you feeling a lack of fulfillment in your life? Have you set spiritual or personal goals for yourself that you just can't seem to accomplish? Do you feel the need to talk to someone privately about the important things that no one seems to talk about?

Schedule a free coaching consultation with R' Binyomin to discover how Life Coaching can impact your life. Through coaching, R' Binyomin will help you find meaning and fulfillment in your daily routine, develop a healthy sense of balance between your family, work and spiritual commitments, and help you customize your own path towards spiritual and personal growth.

Together at the Top
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Group Meditation Sessions

Your weekly spiritual recharge

Join one of Derech Emuna's ongoing weekly group meditation sessions to relax, unwind, and spiritually connect.

Meditation Retreats

There is nothing more powerful than a getaway devoted entirely to one's spiritual development.  Derech Emuna provides intensive meditative retreats where one is totally immersed in Chassidic meditation.  In addition to the scheduled ongoing retreats, a group of people can get together to customize their own retreat, as well.  Contact Binyomin for information regarding upcoming retreats or to customize and schedule your own group's retreat.

Business Conference

Speaking Engagements

Bring R' Binyomin to your local school, yeshiva/seminary, synagogue, JCC or meditation group to speak, hold a meditation session, or run a customized retreat.  

Music and Recordings

Download R' Binyomin's soothing meditative music or a recording of a past group meditation session.


Meditation Retreats

A spiritual getaway


 "Although I live in Brooklyn N.Y., I come in for the 2-hour drive to Pennsylvania to join Rabbi Goldstein's amazing retreats.  Although I am blessed with a high level  of Jewish knowledge, I find that these retreats help me connect with my deeper self and my awareness of G-d's Presence on an experiential level. The beautiful nature and scenery helps me see a world beyond "the workplace" and my home.  The guided imagery helps me settle into a relaxed state of mind (something very hard to attain nowadays!) and gives me images I can take home with me when I want to 're-connect'. Rabbi Goldstein's Torah teachings are always deep and inspiring and he serves as a real role model of all he teaches.  The healthful, natural food is a perfect balance of body and soul!  During the winter months, the anticipation of these retreats keeps me going! Can't wait for the next one!"

Rebbetzin Ivy Kalazan, Brooklyn, NY


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