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Derech Emuna Services

Jewish Life Coaching

People hold the answers to their personal struggles within, buried deep down inside. But often, they need someone to help them access those answers. Life Coaching is the tried-and-true method for helping individuals find those inner-answers to life’s challenges, and working together to translate those answers into manageable and meaningful actions.  

A Life Coach can help you "follow-through" on your goals and actualize your potential by providing structured accountability, empathy and moral support, and specialized resources to help you succeed.  The qualified Life Coach is trained to help you "extract" new solutions from within yourself and assist you in your quest to achieve your dreams.

R' Binyomin is a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and received his training from The Life Purpose Institute.  Utilizing his expert knowledge of Ancient Jewish Writings that specifically focus on personal growth and spiritual development, R' Binyomin offers a unique Torah-based perspective and approach to accessing one's own inner wisdom.  R' Binyomin is therefore qualified to coach on a broad range of topics, from material well-being to spiritual health. Some topics include:

  • Character Refinement

    • "I want to control my anger; I want to become more truthful; I want to be more disciplined..."

  • Spiritual Development​

    • "My prayers are dry, I want my prayers to be spiritually rich and vibrant; I want to build a meaningful daily meditation practice; I want to become more mindful of my strengths and weaknesses..."

  • Torah Study​

    • "I am overwhelmed by the vast sea of Torah and don't know where to start; I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with developing my knowledge of Torah; I struggle to stay focused while learning​..."

  • Spiritual-Life Balance

    • "I can't find the time to work on spiritual matters; my spiritual practices infringe upon my family time; my spouse and I are not on the same page spiritually..."​

  • Work-Life Balance​

    • "I spend too much time at work and not enough time with my spouse/children; I can't find the time to work on projects I want to do; I need to prioritize certain projects over others..."​

  • Life-Purpose​

    • "I don't know if I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing; ​I'm lacking a sense of purpose in my life; I want to do what I love, not just what I need to do to pay the bills..."

  • Inner-Peace​

    • "I want to feel calm and fulfilled;​ I want to relax and reduce my stress; I want to feel good about myself..."

  • Identity-Crisis

    • "I want to recreate myself and start anew; I am having a midlife crisis and am looking to do something more meaningful; This is not where I pictured myself twenty years ago..."​

  • COVID-19

    • "I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed; I have no 'me' time anymore; my kids are regressing; I feel very alone; my relationship with my spouse is falling apart..."

At Derech Emuna, our goal is to help you work through various issues and find practical solutions to take your life to an entirely new level.  Coaching sessions are 100% confidential, and R' Binyomin is devoted to hearing you and helping you in your own unique way.  There are no agendas; just to help you realize your own vision of success.


For rates on individual coaching sessions and session-packages, please contact me via email at


To set up an appointment, please click here:

Spiritual Life Coaching
Group Meditation Sessions

Jewish Meditation is the process of putting powerful Ancient Jewish Writings into practice.  It is about experiencing such teachings with your senses and your entire being, not merely leaving them in the realm of the intellect alone.  

Derech Emuna offers an array of authentic, Jewish spiritual and meditative practices that can be used to transform Torah knowledge into rich spiritual experiences.  These meditations are based entirely and exclusively upon the teachings of the great and righteous Jewish mystical masters from throughout the ages.  R' Binyomin has personally received the approval and encouragement of Rav Moshe Weinberger Shlita to teach these meditations.  R' Binyomin consults regularly with Rav Weinberger for ongoing guidance.

Through Derech Emuna's weekly meditation sessions, one can gain exposure to and develop consistency with various Jewish Meditation practices. The group sessions also serve as a great way to meet other people that are on a similar path. Through group meditation, one can work on personal spiritual development while becoming a part of a greater community, as well. 

Currently, due to COVID-19, all group meditation sessions are taking place virtually via Zoom.  To receive weekly updates and info. regarding Zoom meditation sessions, please contact me via email at to receive the weekly Derech Emuna newsletter.

Group Meditation Sessions
Meditation Retreats

There is nothing more refreshing and uplifting than a getaway devoted entirely to one's spiritual development.  Derech Emuna provides full-day meditative retreats where one is totally immersed in Jewish Meditation.  Retreats take place in beautiful natural settings and (weather permitting) are entirely outdoors.  


Meditation techniques include (but are not limited to): Guided Meditations, Visualization, Contemplation (Hisbonenus), Introspection (Cheshbon HaNefesh), Spontaneous secluded prayer (Hisbodedus), Silence, Meditative Music (Niggun), G-d-Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, and Mindful Eating (Achila BiK'dusha).


In addition to the scheduled ongoing retreats, a group of people can get together to customize their own retreat, as well. 

For information regarding upcoming retreats or to customize your own group's retreat, contact me via email at

Meditation Retreats
Speaking Opportunities

One of the goals of Derech Emuna is to educate men, women and children about value and beauty of Jewish Meditation and personal prayer.  For years, Derech Emuna has held meditation discussions, lectures, sessions, retreats and shabbatons in various educational settings, including synagogues, kiruv organizations, schools and community centers.

To schedule a speaking engagement, meditation session/retreat or shabbaton at your school, shul or community center, please contact me via email at

Speaking Opportunities
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